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Here's a list of people who have registered to attend our reunion in Branson. We encourage those of you who have not yet registered with Gary and reserved your hotel to get on the ball and do so! See you there, Shipmates!

 Branson attendees registered as of 9-18-17

Allen Richard DDG-42
Brummet Tim DDG-42
Brummet Kelli DDG-42
Charous Tim DDG-42
Chirco Sam DLG-11
Chirco Mary Sue DLG-11
Colbert Jerry DLG-11
Colbert Betty DLG-11
DeVault Dennis DLG-11
Holiday Sandee DLG-11
Emmett Jerry DLG-11
Emmett Evagene DLG-11
Hallowell Richard DLG-11
Hallowell Eiko DLG-11
Heckman Chuck DLG-11
Methvan Jill DLG-11
Heili Robert DLG-11
Hollingsworth Tandy DLG-11
Lynch Elizabeth DLG-11
Lazenby Sam DLG-11
Lynch Rick DDG-42
Lynch Jo DDG-42
Mayberry William DDG-42
McGee Tommy DLG-11
Moe Bob DLG-11
Odeen Geraldine DLG-11
Odeen Harold DLG-11
Owens Russ DLG-11
Pospisil William DLG-11
Pospisil Tommy DLG-11
Howard Billie DLG-11
Rackley Don DDG-42
Rackley Debra DDG-42
Ritchie Coy DLG-11
Ritchie Pat DLG-11
Shortsleeve Leo DDG-42
Skripko Bill DLG-11
Storey Jim DLG-11
Tillery Johnnie B DLG-11
Tillery Kathy DLG-11
White Gary DLG-11
White Kay DLG-11
White Mike DLG-11


#2 Clifford Earl Hillis 2017-09-09 20:32
I am sorry we cannot attend the reuinion. Cliff has been in the hospital 3 times this year and just got out two days ago. We will miss you all.
#1 Mal Wiseman 2017-08-17 19:01
it will be great to see the new MA members who have recently signed into our site!

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