Crew, I'm sad at the recent passing of fellow DS and buddy, Craig Hubbard. He was my best mate aboard the 11.   I don't have any details now, but I'll update this item when I have more.

(Update) I spoke with Craig's widow, Betty, and she told me he passed on the 14th after suffering an illness. His remains were cremated, and there's to be a memorial service. When or were is not yet known, but probably near their home in Nuevo California southeast of Riverside.

Sentiments may be sent to Betty and family at 33137 Quail Canyon Rd, Nuevo, CA 92567

 (Update 1-20-17)    The memorial service for Craig will take place on Thursday, February 2, 10:15 AM at Riverside Arlington Cemetary  22495 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside CA. The area to reference within the cemetary is Stage 2

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