2007 "PIRAZ PIRATS" Reunion


The 2007 PIRAZ PIRATS reunion was held in Las Vegas, April 27th – 29th.

This year we stayed at the Fitzgerald’s Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street.

We met the first night at the Vue bar in Fitzgerald’s, where we had opening drinks and stories. We went to Main Street Station for dinner. We had dinner at the Triple 7 Restaurant Brewery.  It is a huge brew pub. Karen did her self proud by putting away a five 5 ounce glass beer sampler. We had a lot of fun and told many sea stories.

On Saturday we met at Starbucks for morning coffee. We broke up into groups and spent the day doing gambling and sight seeing. We met again at the Vue at 6 PM. Then went to Moe’s room where Steve put on an amazing magic show. He then showed us a video of Jim and Sandy’s wedding at last year's PIRAT’s reunion. We then went to Binnion’s where we had dinner. After dinner, it was back to Fitzgerald’s to see the Steve Connolly Tribute to Elvis show. After the show it was gaming and rest.

We met Sunday morning at Shamrock café in the Fitz where we had breakfast.

We spent the afternoon gambling and talking. We broke up around 5 PM.


Attendees this year were:

RD’s Tom O'Halloran and Brian Hoff

DS Dave and Kate Wells

DS Steve Silverman and Karen

DS Bob and Shinko Moe with son Mike

ET Bob and Jin Heili.


It was a small group but we had a great time and are looking forward to a larger group next year, wherever the PIRAT’s reunion is held.


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Bob Heili, Tom O'Halloran, Brian Hoff, Karen and Steve Silverman, Bob Moe, Dave and Kate Wells, and Jin Heili. Bob and Bob show.
The new Bob look. Steve and Karen headed for the beach.  In Vegas?
Bob, Brian, Bob and Dave doing what they have always done, and done well. The gang enjoying the local color.
Looks like too much local color? Tom O'Halloran hits the big one!  Maybe?
Steve Silverman entertains the troops with one of his great magic performances. Fremont St. after dark.
More Fremont Street. Even Elvis makes an appearance for the Pirats!