OPS Department Reunion

The RDs had such a good time in St. Louis last year that we decided to make this year's reunion an Operations Department event.  The reunion was held this year on April 22-25 in downtown Las Vegas at the Four Queens Hotel in the middle of Fremont St.  We had an even better turn out this year than we did last, with several more unable to make it due to work.  This year Steve Silverman provided an excellent movie on CD that he had converted from some old 8MM films.  He also provided copies to those of us in attendance.  Robert Moe also had some Super 8MM film that we watched.  PIRAZ Pirats pins were available for the first time, with many being grabbed up in a short time.  The pins are now available through the Ship's Store.

Some of the folks showed up early on Wednesday, with most arriving during Thursday.  We had a great time on Thursday and Friday evenings in the hospitality room getting reacquainted and swapping sea stories.  Saturday some of the troops took a bus ride from hell to make the tour of Hoover Dam.  Some also took in a show at the Sahara Hotel Saturday night.  While on Fremont St. some folks had an opportunity to view some nice cars.  The Pantera Owners Club of America was in town and had many of their cars on display on Fremont and in the Plaza Hotel.

It has been decided to expand next year's reunion to include the entire ship's company from the Yokosuka era of 1968-1970, better known as the PIRAZ Pirats.  It will be held in San Antonio, Texas in the April/May time frame, details to be promulgated later.  Don "Wood Eye" Woods has volunteered to coordinate this event.

Those in attendance this year were:

Rich and Barbara Dexter

Rick and Gail Hamer

Don Woods and friend Terri Newton

Jim Plummer

Robert and Shinko Moe

Clyde Meadows

Eddie Lair

Dave and Kate Wells

Dick Hallowell

Steve Silverman

John Salerno

Tom O'Halloran

Tom Rochford

Bill Burzelewski

Rick Kwiatkowski

Bob Byram



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Steve Silverman, Robert Moe and Jim Plummer. Clyde Meadows, Skip Lair and Rick Kwiatkowski.
Skip Lair, Rick Kwiatkowski and Dick Hallowell.  Robert Moe and Steve Silverman.
Rich Dexter and Tom Rochford. Clyde Meadows, Tom O'Halloran and Dick Hallowell perusing cruise books.
Gail Hamer and Barb Dexter choosing the show they want. Dick and Jim, with friends.  Nothing has changed in 35 years!
Not sure if the ladies are trying to get prosecuted, or violated? Dave Wells (taking picture), Tom O'Halloran, Skip Lair, Don Woods, John Salerno, Gail Hamer, Barb Dexter hiding, Bill Burzelewski, Rich Dexter and Tom Rochford.
Skip Lair, Rick & Gail Hamer. Rick Hamer, Skip Lair, Jim Plummer and Dick Hallowell.
Kate & Dave Wells. Kate Wells, Shinko Moe, Bob Moe and Dave Wells.  They must be winners, they're smiling!
Kate has picked out her next car. Bob Moe has illusions of grandeur.
Steve Silverman thinking about putting his magic show on the road in Las Vegas. Rick Hamer and Don Woods in awe of a sea story.
Jim Plummer, Barb Dexter, Terri and Woody and Dick Hallowell. Rick Hamer, John Salerno, Tom O'Halloran, Terri & Woody and Gail Hamer.
Jim Plummer, Dick Hallowell, Rich & Barb Dexter, Don Woods, Gail & Rick Hamer in the Luxor. RD gang at Hoover Dam.
Chart of Tonkin Gulf, a place we all knew and loved. Steve Silverman, Bob & Shinko Moe and Kate & Dave Wells.
The DS gang hard at work. Shinko Moe finds the one she wants.
Steve Silverman, Kate Wells, Gail Hamer, Rich Dexter, Barb Dexter, Don Woods & Terri Newton, Rick Hamer, Dick Hallowell and Dave Wells on Fremont St. Jim Plummer, Dick Hallowell, Rick & Gail Hamer, Barb & Rich Dexter, Terri Newton & Don Woods, Steve Silverman and a friend from POCA at The Bar on Times Square in the New York New York Hotel.
Conan Dexter, aka, Butch the Barbarian.