The below listed merchandise is available for purchase through the USS Mahan Association ship's store.    Be advised that the prices are subject to change, based on the cost of reorders.

To place an order fill out the attached order form and print it for mailing to the indicated address.


Polo Shirt available in assorted sizes.  $35.00 each.

Shirt pictured has the DLG-11/DDG-42 artwork.

Polo Shirt is also available in yellow with DD-364 artwork..  Yellow has the embroidery on the left with no pocket.  $35.00 each.




4" DLG-11 Patch

$6.00 each


4" DDG-42 Patch

$6.00 each


DLG-11 & DDG-42 Ballcaps

$12.00 each



$14.00 each




(Front of shirt)

Graphics are 9"X 11"

Ash Gray Mahan T-Shirts in Medium to XX-Large

(DDG-42 M and XXL, and XXXL not available)

Other sizes available upon request

Blue T-Shirts are currently available for DLG-11 only, in Large and XL.

The third ship down shows a hull number of 42, shirts same as above, with 11, are now  available.

$16.00 each

XXL $17.00 (NIS)

XXXL $18.00 (Special Order)


Ash Gray Mahan Sweat Shirts

DLG-11 sweat shirts.

DDG-42 not available at this time.

$25.00 each

XXL $28.00

XXXL $29.00 (Special Order)


DLG-11 House Flag 1" "Piraz Pirats" pin

$4.00 each, including postage.  For multiples, $3.50 each.


DLG-11 House Flag 4" "Piraz Pirats" patch

Currently not available.  If you are interested, inform the Ship's Store operator. 

If there is enough interest these will be ordered.



Bumper stickers and bumper magnets.

Stickers $6.00 each, bumper magnets  $7.00 each.

4" X 12"



Home videos are available of DDG-72 at the launching in June 1996 and

includes the commissioning ceremony in February 1998.

Cost is $12.00 plus shipping, $5 of which will go to the Mahan Scholarship Fund.


Special edition Zippo lighter made especially for the Mahan Association at no cost.  Only 50 were made. 

Price is $20, and all proceeds go to the Mahan Scholarship Fund, plus $5 shipping and handling.


For pins, bumper stickers, etc., this is a good place to get them at reasonable prices:

Tin Can Sailors  also has some great stuff in their store:


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