This page is dedicated to all who served on USS MAHAN DLG-11 from 1968 to 1970 during the forward deployment to Yokosuka, Japan, and the long arduous months in the Gulf of Tonkin.

PIRAZ Pirat Reunion Info


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The "PIRAZ PIRATS" story. Contributed by Paul David Travis.
[photogallery/photo7622/real.htm] "Mickey Mahan" patch designed by an industrious DLG-11crew member during one of many tedious line periods on PIRAZ station in the Tonkin Gulf circa 1968-1970. Contributed by Ben Dopp
[photogallery/photo3980/real.htm] "Piraz Pirat" patch designed by the DLG-11 crew during the 1968-1970 PIRAZ station period. Contributed by Ben Dopp
Security Group Detachment patch for the PIRAZ period from 1968 to 1969. Contributed by Kelly Murphy.
Gulf of Tonkin buffer zones, etc. from the PIRAZ station. Contributed by Ben Dopp
Another view of PIRAZ area with North Vietnam to the west, Hainan, China to the east. Contributed by Ben Dopp