This page contains Links to other web sites that may be of interest.


                                                                                                    The White House

                                                                                        Navy Memorial                                                   Deck Log

                                                                                        POW-MIA                                                           Department of Veterans Benefits

                                                                                        USS Mahan DDG-72                                          NavSource Photo Archives

                                                                                        Tin Can Sailors                                                    Navy On Line

                                                                                        Navy Chief                                                           Naval Historical Center

                                                                                        Destroyers on Line                                             The Destroyer

                                                                                        Defense Link                                                       Navy Office of Information

                                                                                        Fleet Reserve Association                                 All Hands Magazine                  

                                                                                        Navy League of the United States                     Destroyer Escort Association

                                                                                        Classmates                                                          HC-7 CSAR Helos


                                                                                                                    USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"

                                                                                        Maritime Museums                                                USS Des Moines CA-134

                                                                                        U.S. Naval Academy                                               USS Arizona BB-39 Memorial   

                                                                                        USS Hornet CV-12                                                  USS Missouri BB-63

                                                                                        USS Intrepid CVA-11                                              USS Bowfin SS-287

                                                                                        USS Lexington CV-16                                             USS Utah BB-31 Memorial

                                                                                        USS Midway CV-41                                                SS Jeremiah O'Brien

                                                                                        USS Yorktown CV-10                                              SS Lane Victory

                                                                                        USS Iowa BB-61                                                      USS Pampanito SS-383

                                                                                        USS Texas BB-35                                                   SS American Victory

                                                                                        USS North Carolina BB-55                                    USS Massachusetts BB-59

                                                                                        USS Salem CA-139                                                 USS Saratoga CV-60

                                                                                        USS Slater DE-766                                                USS Washington BB-56

                                                                                        USS Turner Joy DD-951                                        USS Silversides SS-236

                                                                                        USS Requin SS-481                                                USS Cod SS-224



 The Maine Potato Incident of the USS O'Bannon