1997 - Present

The composition of the fleet is changing rapidly as modern ARLEIGH BURKE guided missile AEGIS destroyers enter active commissioned service. The Navy considers the newest Arleigh Burke-class destroyer to be its most capable and survivable surface combatant. The DDG 51 was the first U.S. Navy ship designed to incorporate shaping techniques to reduce radar cross-section to reduce their detectability and likelihood of being targeted by enemy weapons and sensors. Originally designed to defend against Soviet aircraft, cruise missiles, and nuclear attack submarines, this higher capability ship is to be used in high-threat areas to conduct antiair, antisubmarine, antisurface, and strike operations. DDG 51s were constructed in flights, allowing technological advances during construction. Flight II, introduced in FY 1992, incorporates improvements to the SPY radar and the Standard missile, active electronic countermeasures and communications.

Block II ships (DDG 72-78) have the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) Command and Control Processor, Combat Direction Finding, the Tactical Information Exchange System (TADIX B), SLQ-32(V)3, and the capability to launch and control the SM-2 Block IV Extended Range Missile added. Some 24 Block I and II ships may later be equipped to operate drone surveillance vehicles. The Navy expects to upgrade DDG 51-78 with CEC, the baseline 6 version of the Aegis weapon system, an upgraded Standard Missile II variant, and NULKA. The Navy expects these upgrades to give these ships a high capability against both the near- and mid-term threat requirements and moderate capability against the far-term threat requirement.


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Nice photo of DDG-72 underway on May 16 2005. Taken and contributed by Russ Owens.
New display inside the DDG-72 CPO Mess.  Commissioning poster signed by Earnest Campbell, last CO of DD-364; William Busik, first CO of DLG-11; Jette Brown, CO of DDG-42; Michael James, first CO of DDG-72; and James Harmon, first CMC of DDG-72.  Also photos of all Mahans. Contributed by Robert Moe.
Plaque describing the poster. Contributed by Robert Moe.
Mahan Association members in CPO Mess, Russ Owens DLG-11, Mal Wiseman DLG-11, Al James DD-364 and Dave Krumlauf DLG-11. Contributed by Russ Owens.
Nice photo from focsle looking aft. Contributed by Russ Owens.
Portrait of DDG-72, DLG-11, DD-364 and DD-102 which hangs in the CPO Mess.  It was pointed out that black smoke from DLG-11 was not allowed. Contributed by Russ Owens.
From the fantail looking forward. Contributed by Russ Owens.
50 Cal. MG station.  FC3 Matt (left) and ET2 Lais (right). Contributed by Russ Owens.
XO Huck, OOD LT Gonzalez and CO Wydler.  May 2005. Contributed by Russ Owens.
Photo taken from the USS George Washington on 9/27/02.  Photo from US Navy web site. Contributed by Andy Antonellini.
DDG-72 deploying on 9/17/05.  Photo from US Navy web site. Contributed by Andy Antonellini.
DDG-72 returning from deployment on 11/15/05.  Photo from US Navy web site. Contributed by Andy Antonellini.
DDG-72 is moored pierside in Caracasbaai during her port visit to Curacao 4/3/07. Photo taken by MCSSN Vincent Street and posted in Navy.mil.