USS Mahan Association 2013 Reunion


9-13 October, 2013

I was unable to attend this year's reunion at the Embassy Suites  in Richmond, but by all accounts it went off quite well, despite the best efforts of the Government to muck it up with the shutdown and sequestration.  Thursday was spent aboard DDG 72 and had a very good "meeting" with the officers and crew. The Association also hosted a luncheon for the association attendees and about 15 of the DDG-72 crew including 10 junior enlisted (E-5 and below). A special guest was the XO of DLG-11 ( Mr. Rumney) during the PIRAZ PiRats days. The CO of DDG-72 commented, to no one in particular, that he hoped the association would continue its "partnership" with the active duty crew.

Friday, the first stop was Sailors Creek State Battlefield Park near Appomattox. It was the alternate chosen when the fed shut down all the national park sites we had scheduled previously. It's an excellent venue on the late 1865 portion of the War Between the States know as "Lee's Retreat". The museum is well done and informative and one of the houses extant to the site has been restored to its 1865 appearance and is a part of the tour. It was used as a field hospital for Union casualties after the battle. Lee lost about 7700 troops, killed, wounded and captured at Sailors Creek including a contingent of Confederate Navy and Marines who were the last to surrender on the field. We then went into Appomattox and had lunch at the former home of Union General Babcock. It's now a Bed and Breakfast facility and they took very good care of the association and we enjoyed the short history of the house given by the present owners. Then it was off to the newly opened branch of the Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox. It houses a good variety of artifacts and one of the highlights was a re-enactor dressed as a common soldier describing the daily life and accouterments of a soldier during the war. Everyone enjoyed that presentation. As we left Appomattox, we drove by the McLean House where the actual surrender took place. As a national park site, it was closed. Then it was a two hour trip back to the hotel.

Saturday, we took a tour of Richmond proper and saw the James River waterfront, the Tredagar Iron Works, which was the main reason Richmond became the capital of the Confederacy  and an inside tour of the Virginia State Capital designed and built by Thomas Jefferson. The main building was completed in 1788 and the full restoration, including the addition of an underground visitors center was finished in 2010. It's a great example of colonial America. We then went to the Shokoe Slip district in downtown for lunch. We had about 22 different restaurants to choose from and the Sin'E Irish Pub was the choice for a good number of attendees. After lunch we toured Monument Avenue, one of the better maintained areas of the city, post Civil War and where the Lee and the Longstreet Monuments reside today. Then back to the hotel for the banquet.

A short business meeting was held by the Board of Trustees prior to the banquet.  Dave Krumlauf tendered his resignation from the board citing declining health. We accepted it with reluctance. Tim Charous (DDG-42) was appointed to fill his seat for the next year until that term comes up for re-election. Emmett, Heili, Shortsleeve and Hallowell were re-elected and Emmett was re-appointed Scribe.

 We had 49 for the banquet, gave away a few small door prizes, drank a bit and wrapped up until next year.



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  Eleanor Mann, Jim Storey, Jeff Sweet and Pete Ross in hospitality suite.       Mal Wiseman, Mike Conran and Russ Owens.


Leo Shortsleeve blowing out candle from his birthday cake in the hospitality suite.  I hope he didn't blow frosting all over the merchandise!


Russ Owens next to the 11/42 stern plate, now permanently hanging in the 72 mess decks.