USS Mahan Association 2008 Reunion

Corpus Christi, Texas

25-28 September, 2008


The 2008 USS Mahan Association Reunion was held at the Holiday Inn Emerald Beach in Corpus Christi.  The hotel was much improved over last year.  We also had a small hospitality room with overflow seating outside next to the pool.  We had a good turnout this year with approximately 50 shipmates and wives in attendance, and also a few family members this year.  We only had three 364 sailors with us this year, mostly due to other commitments and travel distance.  It was great having Donald and Mary Jane Henson (DD-364) and his family with us this year.  Also Joe Permatteo and Al James.  We hope to see you all again next year!

The first morning we boarded a bus for a short trip to the USS Lexington Museum.  There were many displays for our members to enjoy, as well as an Imax type theater where Operation Red Flag was shown.  A great movie about fighter pilots from around the world training to improve their skills in actual combat type scenarios.  After having lunch in the #3 hangar bay adjacent to the fantail cafe, most of us boarded the bus for a short ride to the Texas State Aquarium, while others chose to walk.  Walking seemed to be just about as fast.  We returned to the hotel around 1530, (3:30 for you guys who have forgotten Navy time), for rest, relaxation, libation of choice and more sea stories. 

The second day we boarded the bus again for a one hour ride to the King Ranch.  We were able to see a good sized portion of the largest ranch in the world, as well as get an overview of the ranch's founder, Richard King, from Jan, a very informative tour guide from the ranch.  She told us all about how King created, thru cross breeding, the Santa Gertrudis line of beef cattle, which can survive in the hot and dry climate of southern Texas.  We also had a very good barbeque lunch in one of the cowboy offsite camps.  From there we went into the town of Kingsville to visit the King Ranch Museum and the King Ranch Saddle Shop.  After returning to the hotel we were all pretty tired but we managed to retire to the hospitality room once again for refreshments and more sea stories.  The Board of Trustees met and decided on Tucson, AZ for next year's venue.

Saturday was a free day for shopping, etc., with a few returning to the Lexington to see what they had missed on Thursday.  Others just spent the day relaxing around the hotel, walking on the beach, etc.  Saturday evening was the banquet with guest speaker Captain Mark Rios, Commanding Officer of Mine Countermeasures Class Squadron, homeported in Corpus Christi.  He gave a very interesting talk on Admiral Mahan, as well as telling us about mine countermeasures in today's Navy.   A general business meeting was also conducted with Tucson being accepted as the site for next year.  Details will be promulgated as they are known.




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Mahan banner. MaryEllen Fox and Jeff Sweet, Jim and Sandy Storey with Gary White, and Ernest Brannum.   Dick Hallowell and Dave Ortmeyer.
Ron Lynch, Jerry Emmett, Joe Permatteo, and John Cain. Dave, Ron, Jerry and Dick waiting for the bus. Sam Chirco, Frank Hanak, Harold Odeen, Joan Hanak and Mary Sue Chirco.
Joe Permatteo and niece. USS Lexington propeller. Model of USS South Dakota.
Mural in the Lexington, shooting them off the front and catching them on the stern! Bob Moe on the Lexington flight deck, taken from the bridge. USS Lexington CV-16.
USS Lexington  WWII battle history. Lexington Air Group records in WWII. Porpoise at the Texas State Aquarium.
Hibiscus blossom at the aquarium. Ev Emmett, Harold Odeen, Jerry Emmett, Loretta Cain, Eiko Hallowell, and John Cain relaxing by the pool after a long day of touring. Gulf of Mexico from the hotel beachside bar.
Joan Hanak, Sam & Mary Sue Chirco, and Col. John Brooks in front of the branding iron display at King Ranch. Entire group in front of fireplace at King Ranch Museum. DD-364 sailors Joe Permatteo (standing), Al James and Don Henson.
BBQ lunch at the King Ranch. Donald & Mary Jane Henson, Joseph & Nancy Harbert (Henson's daughter), talking with Jerry Emmett, Al James and Ev Emmett. Al James is surprised when his son shows up unexpectedly!
Donald & Mary Jane Henson. Ben & Donna Henson. Ernest & Sheila Brannum and Cotton Koopman.
Pat & Coy Ritchie. Ron & Ann Lynch. Christine & Dave Ortmeyer.
Col. John Mahan Brooks and Leo Shortsleeve. Jim Rodenkirch, Bill Skripko, Bill Pospisil, and Tom McGee. Joseph & Nancy Harbert with Don Henson.
Gary & Kay White, CDR , Capt. Rios, Jeff Sweet and MaryEllen Fox, Sandy Storey. Joe Permatteo, Al James and Donald Henson. CAPT Rios, Col Brooks and COS of MCCS.