USS Mahan Association 2006 Reunion

San Diego, California

13-17 September, 2006

The 2006 Mahan Association  reunion has just been completed.  Everyone said they had a great time.  We started off on Wednesday with check-in and a reception in the hospitality suite of the Hanalei Red Lion Hotel in Mission Valley where many drinks were consumed and tons of food was eaten.  The group was not as large as we had hoped but I think the economy and the airline fares kept a lot of people away.  We did have a few of our local members pop in and join in the lies, I mean sea stories.  Russ Owens also set up the Ship's Store in one of the rooms of the hospitality suite.  The new polo shirts seemed to be going faster than Russ could take them out of the box.

Day 1. Thursday we stared off with a trip to Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial with the now nation wide famed cross.  The veterans memorials are very nice with photographs for most of plaques.  Plaques can be ordered for individuals or groups in various sizes, and the veterans do not have to be deceased.  From there we proceeded through some of the finer residential areas of La Jolla up to the Stephen Birch Aquarium where there are unusual and beautiful undersea displays.  After departing the aquarium we proceeded to Harbor Island on San Diego Bay for a great buffet lunch in Tom Ham's Lighthouse Restaurant, with it's wonderful view of the bay.  After lunch we toured through downtown San Diego and over the Coronado Bay Bridge to Coronado.  After driving thru Coronado we turned back to San Diego and drove on some of the old streets where the white hats used to be seen in droves.  I doubt that many recognized their old haunts.  The day ended with a stop at Seaport Village with some time for strolling, listening to some very good flute music, or just plain shopping.  We returned to the hotel at approximately 3:30 and then had a group photo taken at 1700.  Every one went their separate ways for a while to have dinner and then some sea story time in the hospitality room.

Day 2. Friday had us spending a couple of hours on the USS Midway Museum seeing the many spaces that have been opened for touring and the twenty one aircraft that have been restored for display.  This museum is being kept up and restored strictly by many volunteers, as are the aircraft.  From we Midway we proceeded to the next pier, where the old nickel snatchers and liberty boats used to dock at Fleet Landing, for a box lunch and harbor tour on the Adventure Hornblower.  We cruised the north end of the harbor out to Ballast Point for the first hour of the cruise and the south end around the US Naval Station for the second hour of the tour.  By the time we arrived at the dock I think we were all ready for a short siesta before dinner and more tales of glory in the hospitality suite.  The Board of Trustees did not get to rest though and conducted a business meeting starting at 1600.  The minutes of the Board meetings will be posted from now on on the web for every one to read, if they desire.

Day 3. Saturday was a free day for everyone until the banquet at 1800 in the Lahaina Room of the hotel.  Some of our local members joined us for dinner and we were happy to have them.  Honorary member Ben Souder led us in the blessing and then we had a very good dinner before being enlightened by Command Master Chief Ted Verscheren of the USS McCampbell DDG-85, which has just returned from the Persian Gulf.  His talk centered mostly on the McCampbell's operations in the Persian Gulf during their deployment this year.  He followed with a question and answer period where us old Vietnam vets tried to compare our ops to the current ops.  We thank the Master Chief for contributing his time for us.  It was greatly appreciated.

Day 4.  Sunday Had us eating a Southwest Fiesta breakfast buffet and then everyone bid farewell until next year.  The 2007 reunion will be held in Charleston, SC sometime in mid October.



Seated: Elizabeth Hubbard, Jerry & Evagene Emmett, Coy & Pat Ritchie, Kay White, Gerry Odeen, Marion Krumlauf, Loretta Cain, Mary Lou & Bill Sumner,  John Mahan Brooks and Bob Moe.

Standing: Al James, Mal Wiseman, Russ Owens, Craig Hubbard, Ron & Ann Lynch, Bob Knowlton, Bob Heili, Mike Schmidt, Dick Hallowell, Gary White, Harold Odeen, Bev & Jeff Sweet, Dave Krumlauf, John Cain, Mike Haloski, Jerry Hanrahan, George Fleming, Herb & Sandy Bartling, Jim & Sandi Storey, and Grace & Harold Ojala.

Missing:  Alvin & Ramona Weber, Eiko Hallowell and Kim Heili.



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Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial with the controversial cross.

                                         View from Mt. Soledad looking north along La Jolla Shores.


View from Mt. Soledad looking south over Mission Bay.  John Mahan Brooks is below.
View north inland from Mt. Soledad. A great view of the memorial and cross. Children's' pool in La Jolla.  Sea lions are currently residing there.
Scripts Oceanography Research pier below the Scripts Birch Aquarium. The gang at lunch at Tom Hams. View of San Diego Bay looking north from the Coronado Bridge.
Coronado side of the bridge, taken from the bus. View of south San Diego Bay with the Naval Station in the distance. USS Ronald Reagan CV-76 moored at Naval Air Station North Island.
USS Nimitz CV-68 moored at NAS North Island. USS Midway CV-41 Aircraft Carrier Museum at Navy Pier in San Diego. Harbor House Restaurant which used to be the San Diego Rowing Club until 1979. Located in Seaport Village.
Outside the hospitality suite; Al James, Bob Heili (back), and Jim Storey. Ann Lynch (back), Ron & Ann's daughter Terri, Ron Lynch, Jerry Hanrahan and Jerry Emmett. Marion Krumlauf, Gerry Odeen, Harold Odeen, Mike Schmidt and Dave Krumlauf.
Standing from left: Coy Ritchie, Harold Ojala and Robert Fish.  Seated from left: Russ Owens, Jeff Sweet, Mal Wiseman (in back), Bill Sumner. DD-364 sailors George Fleming, Al James, Harold Ojala, Bill Sumner, Mary Lou Sumner and Grace Ojala. DLG-11 crew: Back row; Jerry Emmett, Jerry Hanrahan, Mike Haloski, Herb Bartling, Jim Storey, Dave Krumlauf, Ron Lynch, Mike Schmidt, Dick Hallowell and Gary White.

Front row; Bob Moe, Harold Odeen, Russ Owens, John Cain and Bob Heili.


Robert Fish, Russ Owens, Mal Wiseman, Craig and Elizabeth Hubbard. Alvin Weber and Dick Hallowell. Al James gets a surprise visit from his son.
Jim Storey, Russ Owens and Gary White telling tall tales. Mal Wiseman, Robert Fish and Al Weber on board the USS Midway Museum. Ron Lynch(?) checking out the throttle board in Engine room #3 on board Midway.
SNJ trainer on Midway. An F-14 on the flight deck with a tractor and huffer. F/A-18 in aggressor colors of Topgun, with F-9 Panther to the right.
Lt to Rt: E-2C Hawkeye, A-6 Intruder and F-4J Phantom II. EA-3 Skywarrior and UH-34 Seabat helicopter. Air boss's chair in Primary Flight Control.
The helm on USS Midway. Looking aft from the far front end of the flight deck. John Cain and Jerry Emmett getting ready to launch.
Marion Krumlauf, Bev and Jeff Sweet ready to get underway for the harbor tour. San Diego skyline from the waterfront. Bill Sumner and Al James supervising getting underway.
One of San Diego's great pastimes. Sea lions sunning themselves on the bait barges, hoping for a free meal. USS Pinckney DDG-91 returning to port.
FSF-1 Sea Fighter moored at Naval Station San Diego. Once a QM, always a QM.  Jim Storey at the helm of the Adventure Hornblower with Mal Wiseman supervising. Al Weber and Mike Schmidt at Seaport Village.
LT Ben & Penny Souler.  Ben was serving on PhibGru7 Staff during the invasion of Leyte Gulf. CMDCM  & Mrs. Ted Verschueren from USS McCampbell DDG-85. Elizabeth & Craig Hubbard with granddaughter, George Fleming, Willie Richardson, Shirley & Don Egbert.
Inge & COL John Mahan Brooks. Eiko Hallowell, Bob Moe, Kim & Bob Heili, John Whitman and Paul Gracey. Mal Wiseman, Sandi & Jim Storey.
Grace & Harold Ojala and  Jerry Hanrahan. Gerry Odeen, John & Loretta Cain, Jerry & Ev Emmett and Pat Ritchie. Al Weber, Mike Schmidt, Al James, Jim Carico and Mike Haloski.
Jeff Sweet, CDR John Armantrout and Jerry Emmett. Paul Gracey and Brian Hoff. Ev Emmett, Loretta Cain, Ann Lynch and Eiko Hallowell.
Gerry Odeen, Mike Schmidt, John Cain, Harold Odeen, (standing) Dick Hallowell and Peter Mann. Gary White and Herb Bartling. Jeff Sweet, Dave Krumlauf, Craig Hubbard, Mal Wiseman and Bob Heili.
Pat Ritchie, Kim Heili and Sandy Bartling. Al James, Mary Lou and Bill Sumner, Harold & Grace Ojala.