Mahan Association 2004 Reunion

Reunion on the 60th anniversary of the loss of the DD-364

Newport News, Virginia

12-17 October, 2004


This year's reunion was another success, thanks to the efforts of Jeff Sweet.  Jeff had to make some last minute changes to the schedule due to the DDG-72 being unexpectedly deployed the day before we were planned to have a day at sea on board. 

Day 1 had us touring old Colonial Williamsburg in the morning, with mother nature stepping in to make sure we weren't too comfortable by dousing us with rain halfway down the main street.  Most of us chose to take a long lunch rather than walking around the streets too much.  In the afternoon we took a trip to the Yorktown battlefield and museum.

Day 2's schedule change took us to the Fort Monroe Casemate and then on to the Naval Station.  Some of us old Norfolk sailors found some major changes from when we were there in the 50s and 60s.  After lunch at the O Club we gave the ladies a chance to do some shopping at a brass shop.

Day 3 we had a tour of the Nauticus Naval Museum and then to the main deck of the USS Wisconsin BB-64.  We were lucky to get aboard as it was raining again, just not hard enough to close the ship.  After lunch at a downtown MacArthur Center shopping mall we proceeded to the Mariner's Museum on the Hampton side of the tunnel and viewed the gun turret from the USS Monitor, as well as some other great displays.

Saturday morning we had good weather again and Russ Owens demonstrated his BBQ finesse by cooking up some great burgers and bratwurst, as well as some excellent reindeer sausage provided directly from Alaska by Bob Moe.  Thanks Russ and Bob for a great BBQ!  Saturday night was the Association Banquet with a great turnout, although not as big as we had originally anticipated due to the ship's departure.  This year we had nine shipmates from DD-364 (more than last year) whom we all enjoyed the company of.  We hope to see more of them next year.  We also had a good sized group from DLG-11 and a smaller but very welcome group from DDG-42.  We hope to see this contingent grow in the future.

Next year's reunion will be hosted by Jerry Emmett and will be held in Branson, Missouri.  The 2006 reunion will be hosted by Peter and Cocoa Mann and will be held in San Diego, California.


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Millinery and jewelry shops in Colonial Williamsburg.


Horse carriage in Williamsburg.


16" projectile on USS Wisconsin BB-64.

DLG-11 shipmates DS1 Bob Moe, RD1 Dick Hallowell and ETR2 Bob Heili on BB-64.  USS Wisconsin BB-64. DLG-11 RDs: George Hollowell, Dick Hallowell and Tom O'Halloran.
Chef Russ Owens and Tim Glennon swapping lies at the BBQ. Eiko Hallowell, Jin Heili and Keiko Osterberger. More shipmates and wives enjoying the BBQ and each other's company.
DD-364 shipmates. Back row: Lloyd Frahm, Gene Hostetter, Don Henson, Edwin Young and George Pendergast.  Front row: Joe Permatteo, Harold Ojala, Albin James and Bill Sumner. DDG-42 shipmates. DLG-11/DDG-42 shipmates.


Link to video slide show